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Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19 


COVIDiots on Motorcycles

Sturgis COVIDiot story at Mother Jones

Anti-Covidiot PSA From Pennsylvania

Delta Bans Covidiots For Life

He Voted Against Masks...

July 4 Covidiots Make Corona Petri Dish 

Legal Advice for Anti-Maskers

June Covidiots Stoke July COVID Deaths

Trader Joe's Covidiot Freakout

Advertisement - Three TrueMasks for $15

Texan Covidiot Priorities

Dead meat in Texas

Kentucky Church Covidiot

Pastor Jeff Fugate threatened to sue Kentucky about restrictions on social gatherings. Now 17 of his church members have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus. 

Memorial Day Weekend Covidiots

Grim Reaper Warns Florida Covidiots


Vice Covidiot Delivers Empty PPE Boxes

Covidiots with Weapons

Covidiot Crashes Pennsylvania Parade for Nurses

Read about the protestor who became ill at the NY Post.

Racist Michigan Covidiots 

Read this covidiot story at The Guardian.

Chris Christie, a Reformed Covidiot

St. George, Utah Rally Against Masks - Sept 2020

Covidiots Congregate in Berlin

Click for the story at CNN

Armed Covidiots of Michigan

Covidiots with Southern Style

A Covidiot In the Air

Christie Covidiot Can Go First

Vice Covidiot Repents

KKK Covidiot in California

Costco vs Covidiots

Teach a Covidiot

Covidiot Seen In Nature

Covidiot pushed a park ranger into a lake

Elon Musk, a Wealthy Covidiot

Covidiots of Massachusetts Unite

The Grandma Killer

Anti-Covidiot Idea

Classic Florida Covidiots

Read Funny Corona Tweets
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