Daily Life In Quarantine

For amusement and inspiration, posts about how people are spending time in isolation

Funny Invention Man

The 2020 Calendar

Playing Hide 'n' Seek

A Cake For 2020

Home Renovations

Quarantine Escape Maze

Lockdown Coping Strategy


Quarantine Gambling Night

Be Very Careful In Georgia...

The Quarantine Commute

Advertisement - 3 Masks for $15

Quarantine Crafts

Quarantine Lotería

Amazing Hula Hoop Skills

Quarantine Hairdo for a Dog

Lady Gaga's One World Concert

Learning Guitar In Quarantine

Magical Hideaway at Disney

DIY Quarantine Gym

Drive-In Movies for Quarantine Fun

Quarantine Perspective

Parks & Rec Lockdown Reunion

Making Smart Painted Rocks...

Something To Do

COVID Needlepointing

New Kitchen Skills

Indoor Wine Trip

Quarantine Birthday

Painting To Escape

Making Dog Clothes

Backyard Romance

Quarantine Cat Tweets


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